Charley Murphey

Charley specializes in treating depression, trauma and anxiety in older adolescents and adults. Her approach involves compassionate curiosity about the underlying beliefs which fuel behaviors, particularly with regard to how people respond under stress. This is because people’s intentions are usually good ones, but the decisions they make about how to cope when under stress don’t always help them. She also has extensive training in taking a systems approach, which means looking at her client’s surrounding environment and relationships to understand how the client is impacted by them and how their internal beliefs affect their interactions with others.

With trauma treatment, Charley believes in the power of reconnecting to one’s body. Often, individuals who have suffered traumatic stress need to disconnect from physical sensations of their fear, anger, and pain to protect themselves in the initial aftermath of their experience. However, this can lead to prolonged feelings of trauma because it makes it hard for our brains to tell a comprehensive narrative about what happened to us, which we need to find closure and move on. With guidance and support, Charley interweaves discussion of thoughts and emotions with physical check-ins to help her clients integrate every aspect of their experiences and make sense of them from the inside out.

Currently, Charley offers individual sessions in a virtual setting (via telehealth). Please don’t hesitate to contact her with any questions you may have.