What is an LMHC?

licensed clinical mental health counselor has met or exceeded the following professional qualifications:

  1. Earned a master’s degree in counseling or a closely related mental health discipline
  2. Completed a minimum of two years post-master’s clinical work under the supervision of a licensed or certified mental health professional
  3. Passed a state-developed or national licensure or certification examination. (AMHCA.org)   

The goal of mental health counselors is to lead a client on a journey of growth and self-discovery that allows him or her to overcome obstacles, reach personal goals and lead a productive life. These professionals diagnose and treat psychological disorders, support clients through difficult life experiences and teach the skills and attitudes needed to bring about behavior change. By assisting clients with clinical conditions such as depression, substance abuse and anxiety, they help people to avoid the serious complications associated with untreated mental illness, which can include poverty, isolation, health problems and harm to self or others. (Mauer, innerbody.com)