What is a Touchstone?

A “touchstone” is a figurative standard of value or quality against which something is measured. The word comes from ancient times when a special stone was used to guard against counterfeit money. The gold or silver content of coins wasn’t well governed, so phony money was often mixed with other metals and passed off as authentic. Merchants tested the purity of coins by rubbing them on a hard black stone. The color of the streak left on the “touchstone” disclosed the coins’ “true value”.

Today, the more common meaning is that of a reference point from which to evaluate the quality or excellence of something. It has come to represent the things we do in life to regain direction and focus. “Finding your Touchstone” with Touchstone Counseling, LLC involves the process of becoming more authentic, alive and attuned to who you were meant to be. It involves identifying those values and ideals that allow you to find happiness and live with meaning and purpose. At Touchstone Counseling, LLC this is my hope for all of those with whom I have been entrusted to guide.

What is your Touchstone?